When in Tagaytay

I have been to Tagaytay many times, but this trip was different because I was with my very good friends whom I met in the graduate school. Travel becomes more intimate when with friends. We explored the many complexities of life, career, graduate school, and of course love during the road trip or when we sat together for a conversation over a sumptuous meal.


We thank RC and his Dad for the comfortable and safe trip up to Tagaytay and down to Manila. It was an unexpected offer we did not dare say no. Of course, the trip will never be complete without the food! We started lunch at Leslie’s restaurant trying their famous bulalo. We also had sisig because Jeyps is a sisig-person. Then, the surprise meal of the day was Kinilaw na Tanigue ordered by RC’s dad which blew us all away. We were not able to realize it was summer because there was gush of wind touching our cheeks at 12 noon!


Then we headed to Brewed for You Coffee House. Because we were all full, we needed to sip coffee. We were mesmerized by the beauty of the place and the breath-taking collection of mugs here and there. RC’s dad and I also bought coffee since we both love brewed coffee.


And for coffee people like us, we did not leave the place until we tasted their “kapeng barako” placed in colorful mugs.


After that was Mushroom Burger. I told Jane to try it since it was her first time to eat there. We thought we would not eat anymore because we were still full, but we realized we were headed for our trip home. We did not notice we finished our burgers!


The trip did not stop there. Travel is endless. We all are travelers in this universe continuously looking and seeking for/at sights and gaining insights.

Enjoy the heat in the more fun country!


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